A club created, designed and perfected to be your fitness nirvana. Over two exciting floors, our Lane Cove club will inspire and motivate you to achieve your best performance every time you walk through the doors.

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Staffed Hours

The gym has 365 Access with a current membership

Monday 6:00am – 8:00pm

Tuesday 6:00am – 8:00pm

Wednesday 6:00am – 8:00pm

Thursday 6:00am – 8:00pm

Friday 6:00am – 3:00pm

Saturday 7:00am – 12:30pm


Kids Club Opening Hours

Monday 8:00am – 12:00pm

Tuesday 8:00am – 12:00pm

Wednesday 8:00am – 12:00pm

Thursday 8:00am – 12:00pm

Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 12:00pm




$30 per week/ MO

12 month

$25 per week/ MO


$19 per week/ MO


Intelligent and motivating Classes are what we have cultivated and produced for 2019! Our vision is to provide the most amazing, entertaining and challenging classes for all fitness levels, our FIT TIMETABLE will provide you with every opportunity to excel and achieve in fitness and lifestyle!

The moment you step into your class you will feel the energy and atmosphere of the journey ahead. Driven by motivated, experienced and energised Instructors your fitness is our focus and the mission is for you to improve, evolve and strive to be your best!






A full body strength and performance session using olympic bars, dumbbells and performance equipment to give you sculpted arms, defined muscles and an increase in overall strength and mobility. A 30-minute session using big compound movements to generate as much strength and conditioning improvement as possible. Improve your squat, deadlift and barbell lifts with technique advancement and focus on perfect form.


The ultra session combining upper and lower body exercises with cardio intervals to create your athletic body and increase fitness. Mixing weight based exercises and high intensity bursts, your personal best will be produced every ULTRA HIIT!


More than just another workout! High intensity interval sessions using all corners of the gym! From the Cycle Studio, to the Outdoor Training Zones, THE WORKOUT will challenge your fitness and athletic ability! For all fitness levels, this challenging and fun session will explore all that is fitness and fun in the gym!


Core strength is the foundation of strength and stabilisation for your body. If you want to improve your core strength and posture and create the best version of yourself, then this class is for you. Improvements in posture, torso tone and spinal health.


A wonderful gym with excellent equipment and friendly,helpful staffs as well.My wife and I have been here for half a year.I am stronger and my wife is fitter than before. Now that she has better shape, she feels more confident. We are extremely happy with that! A lot of local friends join it and enjoy it so much. I highly recommend it to you!


Great gym. Never too busy. Good selection of equipment weights and classes. Free wifi and two levels to enjoy plus an outdoor area and a sauna and steam room.

R Cohen

One of the first gyms that I actually enjoyed dragging my butt to! Equipped with everything you would expect from a large modern gym, I found the staff were the greatest part, welcoming and inclusive without being patronising.

S Dalton